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Learn About Buying Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium for Investment

why buy silver

Investors are buying survival silver, gold and coins. And it is not just investors that are doing it. I have a good friend that has silver and gold stored away in all kinds of places, including in a safe for each of his kids and grandkids. What a great gift to give your grand-kids right now!

Most of them are buying for one of three reasons….investment purposes… retirement nest egg… and many are fearing the worst with the economy the way it is, so they are buying it for survival and bartering purposes.

When the printed dollar loses it’s value, silver and gold will still hold value.

This has been proven many times over throughout history.

One such event happened in Argentina and Paraguay in 2002. The banks all closed and when they re-opened, the people could only withdraw a certain amount of money. There were a number of Argentineans and Paraguayans that saw what was coming and had bailed out of the banking system and bought survival silver and gold.

It worked.

They were protected as shortly thereafter when Brazil defaulted on it’s national debt, and the paper dollar sank in value, they still had all their money…very likely PLUS some as silver and gold tends to rise in value at such times.

When buying commodities such as silver and gold for survival purposes, you will want to know what to buy.

Many of us don’t really know what to look for or how to determine the value of coins and memorabilia, but there are various sites and programs available online to help with that…

When times get tough and you try to pay for a load of coal with a silver coin only to discover the coal guy knows his metals, you will want to know the value of the silver you are offering him!

where can i buy silver