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Investing in Silver

If you’re wondering why anyone would tell you to stop trying to save your money as cash and start buying silver and buying gold as a way to invest for your future, take a look at this video. The dollar is falling, inflation is rising, our tax is going to banks and paying bankers bonuses – all the time, your savings become worth less and less. At the same time, precious metals are being mined to depletion – Silver is used in many commercial processes and there’s now less of it than gold and reducing all the time.

Now Invest In Silver an introduction to why investing in silver makes sense by author Andrew Henry is an answer to all of those questions.

When I started writing about silver being undervalued last year it was at $18 – that’s a big change in a short time and although I knew it was bound to happen I’m still thinking we haven’t seen the best of it yet.

In doing my normal research into this market I came across a few people referring to Warren Buffet and how there are rumors that silver will get to $50 and then people will start to sell up and then watch it drop back down to around $26, after which time it will spring back up high (into the $80 range). So as usual there’s a lot of speculation around and some expectation of a drop in prices fairly soon.

So how are you thinking about this?

For me personally this doesn’t really matter as I’m in silver for the long haul and not looking to jump in and out to make money shorting or riding the waves.

The many recent world-wide problems (both natural and political) only serve to give silver a short term boost as people do what they always do and look to precious metals as their safe harbor when other markets are uncertain.

In the medium to long term though, the massive economic changes going on are still such a strong driver in favor of silver increasing that I don’t see how it’s even remotely likely that silver won’t go up a lot more. It could even go crazy and surprise many people.

The moral of the story – if you’re in silver for the long journey you’re probably going to be very happy. If you are looking to jump in and out to make the most of any dips in price – make sure you know what you’re doing.