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Where to buy Gold – Gold Custodians and Vaults

Gold can be purchased from dealers, and in some countries, banks.  A bit of research is required to find the best rate (sometimes referred to as the ‘spot rate’) and the lowest commission charge.  It should be noted that if you do not intend to personally store your gold, some dealers and banks offer vault services to store your gold for a nominal gold with regal assets

Finding a legitimate gold dealer takes a bit of research as the internet is full of unsavory characters that would like to part you from your savings.  There are several ratings sites which will agree with our findings, which are that Regal Assets is a reputable dealer with some of the lowest rates for investing in gold and other precious metals.  They are established, highly rated, transparent, and listed with the Better Business Bureau.  These are all signs of a safe dealer to purchase your investment metals from.

Investing in gold bars can be very profitable, as the dealer will charge a premium on bars, so  in effect smaller bars and coins will cost more overall than bar purchases.  However bars (if privately stored) can require larger safety deposit boxes or storage facilities than coins – so using a custodian that can store your large bars safely may be a worthwhile consideration.

Aside from dealers and banks, gold bullion can be purchased from estate auctions, jewelers, and mints.  Unfortunately these will often come with a higher fee.

Buying gold is a solid investment vehicle that is safe and can protect you from currency devaluation and inflation.  Precious metals provide a very low risk investment risk with the potential for gains while hedging against inflation and currency devaluation.  Make an informed decision and add gold and a mix of other precious metals to your investment portfolio.

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