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where can i buy gold

Where Can I Buy Gold? Should I buy bullion or coins?

Gold, be it coins or bullion, is always a safe investment and has been for a very, very long time.  The protection gold and other precious metals provide against inflation, combined with safety and the potential for high returns make gold the perfect investment choice.  Independent of what commission based stock traders might tell you, investing your income in gold is one of the most effective ways to protect your finances.

Many people wonder if they should invest in coins or bullion, how they should store their gold, and more importantly where they should purchase it.  There are a variety of gold USA coins offered, here is actually a smaller short about one of the most beneficial gold coins that can allow you to make investments correctly. gold bars image

The one dollar gold coins

One of one of the most historical gold coins minted within the nation, these one dollar gold coins were minted back in 1849 and authorized by the Act of March three. These coins weighed about 25.8 grains and are .900fineness. The first set of these coins had been launched till 1854 and were called the Liberty Head. The shape of those coins (Sort 1) were later altered and then minted larger and thinner. Even the design was altered into a well carved feather headdress on the female.

Quarter eagle gold coins

The second most historical gold USA coins are usually that from the Quarter Eagle Gold coins. These coins were more historic compared to one dollar coins. The quarter eagle gold coins had been authorized with the 2nd April Act, 1792. These coins weighed 67.five grains and are .9167fineness. Even so, with the passing years, the excess weight of those coins altered to 64.5 grains and .8992fineness. Every of those coins is rare and identified to exist even until date.

Three dollar gold coins

A different set of exclusive gold coins, these 3 dollar gold coins had been also termed since the Indian Princess Head coins.

They were authorized according to the action of February 21, in 1853. The very first set of these coins had been minted in 1854. Even so, these coins were not very common amidst the public and also were circulated pretty little.

Gold Stella or Four dollar gold coins

The 4 dollar Stella coins was developed through the advice of John A Kasson, an U.S envoy. The coin was named Stella because of its five pointed star that was envisioned by Kasson. The coin was also 1 of many proposals that were created towards the Congress for your global trading coin. Some of these coins are incorporated inside the National Numismatic Assortment even though several other people are stored as personal collections and surface in auctions in typical time intervals.


where to buy gold