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Learn About Buying Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium for Investment

how to invest in gold

Gold prices have been skyrocketing as of late, which makes many people wonder if they should have gold and other precious metals in their investment portfolio.

I think a small amount of gold, silver and other precious metals can be a very good asset in the average investor’s portfolio.

Many experts recommend that you invest around 10 to 20 percent of your investment capital into precious metals.

But the truth is that it is impossible to tell someone how much he should invest in precious metals without knowing personal information about your finances, goals, income, age etc…

What you choose to invest should be based on your own beliefs about where the economy is going and your tolerance risk.

Find out the risk level you are willing to tolerate and then allocate a percentage of your investment to precious metals.

Here is an example of a few questions that you can ask yourself to find out how much money you are willing to dedicate to precious metal

-Under what forms can I invest in precious metals?

-What goals does each of the investment form lead to?

-What investment goals don’t they meet?

Precious metals can be a great investment under the right circumstances. But just like any investment, there are costs associated with the various forms of owning precious metals that should be analyzed first.

Since physical precious metals are safe investments, if you buy them at the right price and have the right plan for buying/selling/storing them, they can be an excellent form of investment if you’re looking into safety.

A bullion is a mass of any one of the known precious metals.

By strict definition, precious metals are those metallic elements that are rare.

A bullion is commonly made of either gold or silver. Its value is determined by the worth of the metal rather than by its face value as money.

To put it another way, a bullion is valued based on the mass and purity of the metal used, instead of its artificial currency value.

Below is a list of some of the government-issued gold and silver bullion coins:

1. Australian Gold Nugget, Lunar Series I, and Lunar Series II

2. Austrian Philharmoniker

3. Canadian Maple Leaf

4. Chinese Gold Panda

5. Mexican Centenario, Libertad, and Onza

6. Polish Orzel bielik

7. South African Krugerrand

8. Swiss Vreneli

9. British Britannia and Sovereign

10. American Buffalo, American Eagle, and Double Eagle

Three factors – metal, purity, and weight – affect the value of bullion.

The overall value of bullion is determined by the metal used. We know, of course, that platinum is worth more than gold, which, in turn, is worth more than silver. It is easy to understand, therefore, that silver bullion coins have become popular with collectors because of their relative affordability.




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